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Write a dear family letter

Requirements for a dear family letter (Word document)

1. Positive and 1-2 pages long

2. Personal information about your family background, parents, brothers, sisters, age, education and occupation

3. Detailed experiences:
A. With children, ages, names, how many years you have taken care, how often per week/month, what activities (feeding, dressing, playing games, teaching), Tell one of your concrete experiences with a child in how you express your love and ability to work with children.
B. With household. Can you cook, what household chores are you good in/do you often?

4. Hobbies,interests and special skills. What are you enjoy doing? Where are you good in?

5. Motivation. Why you want to be an au pair in The Netherlands? Remember that it is not a job, but cultural exchange!

6. No contact information like address, e-mail address and phone numbers.