Recognised by the Ministry of Justice and Security


Why choose for us?

We are the largest au pair placement agency in The Netherlands for Filipino au pairs.

We are an ambitious and professional au pair agency and we have over 17 years experience in recruiting, screening, selection and mediation of au pairs with families in the Netherlands.

Your au pair will receive an intensive training of one week at our training centre in the Philippines. During this training the au pair takes care for babies, toddlers, children, adults, elderly, and for the household. Our trainer gains immediate insight into the (ped)agogical skills, look after and domestic qualities of the candidates. During the training there are several evaluation moments and if necessary, adjustments are made. They also get prepared for the western culture and society. Western baby and child care, pedagogic and domestic qualities are number one. (On the moment we offer our candidates a Webinar instead of training, due to the Corona crises in the Philippines.)

All qualifications, credentials and motivation of the candidates are carefully checked.

An assesment, carried out by a licensed psychologist, can be part of the screening.

We know how important it is that you have a good match with your au pair. All you want is a very enjoyable year with the au pair, and that works best when the au pair meets your expectations. We go for the perfect match!

AUPAIR4ALL is a licensed, registered and recognised au pair agency. We are recognised by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security.

We are registered by the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, under number 32095982.

We want that you and the au pair spend an unforgettable year together and we will help you and the au pair by all means. When you or the au pair encounter an acutely problem of any kind, we are 24 hours a day reachable.
We developed a clear website, included a database and search engine. In case something don’t work out, at worst a wrong match, we have created an excellent guarantee arrangement for you.

Last but not least: reasons for existence of AUPAIR4ALL:

- The au pair has the ability to explore western cultures

- The host family have an excellent opportunity for extra help in the household and / or for the care of children

- AUPAIR4ALL has various social projects in the Philippines: school supplies project voor children/young adults of the primary, secundairy and tertiary school; Christmas gifts / diner project; aid projects in case of natural disasters (typhoon Haiyan Leyte 2013). We are very aware of our social responsibility.

Kind regards,