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First Class au pairs

Families can use the services of two categories of au pairs, namely First Class AUPAIR4ALL au pairs and pre-match (standard) AUPAIR4ALL au pairs. All au pairs selected by us who have successfully completed the AUPAIR4ALL training and all our au pairs who have already been working in Europe are First Class AUPAIR4ALL au pairs. Filipino au pairs from Europe, whom we have personally selected, are also First Class AUPAIR4ALL au pairs, with verified references.

A pre-match (standard) AUPAIR4ALL from the Philippines is an au pair who has been selected by a family. The au pair training is not mandatory for pre-match au pairs from the Philippines. When a pre-match (standard) au pair has successfully completed the training a family can promote the au pair to the status of First Class au pair. That is also possible when we are convinced of the qualities of the au pair. The big advantage of this is that the au pair then falls under the extended warranty scheme that is exclusively applicable to First Class AUPAIR4ALL au pairs.

An au pair selected by a family, who has already been working in Europe, is a pre-match (standard) au pair. A family can also promote these au pairs to the status of First Class au pair when they can submit a reference letter signed by the host family containing their personal details (address, telephone numbers).

First Class AUPAIR4ALL au pairs are motivated, independent, speak proper English and have experience with children.All au pairs are well prepared for their arrival in the Netherlands.

Our AUPAIR4ALL (First Class) au pairs are not professional employees but happy to share their knowledge and experience over the years with you and your family as part of cultural exchange.

Au pairs can not be assigned to work in the absence of the family with no other alternative. Particular, they may not be fully responsible for the care of children and carry out of light household tasks.