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Why Filipino au pairs?

Why are Filipino au pairs so popular?

Filipino au pairs are the most popular in Europe. They are friendly, modest, loyal, motivated, caring, independent and very sweet for all children. They are very respectful to all adults and elderly.

In the Filipino culture it is natural, for children, to take care for younger brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces. They are also involved in the household at a very young age. They learn to take responsibility at an early age.

‘To take care’ is deeply rooted in the Philippine culture.

The big challenge for families, these days, is to bring balance between family, work, children and free time. For a lot of families it’s simply impossible to manage that by their own. They need a reliable person in the house to help them creating that balance. Filipina au pairs are good in doing that!

English is the second language in the Philippines. That makes it more easily for them to communicate with host families.