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Privacy statement

AUPAIR4ALL (headquartered at Hoge Weije 130, 3191 SK Hoogvliet, The Netherlands) is responsible for the processing of your personal data. This privacy statement describes the way in which AUPAIR4ALL processes this data.

Contact information: Hoge Weije 130, 3191 SK Hoogvliet, The Netherlands +31108444416

Pete Hogervorst is AUPAIR4ALL’s Privacy Officer. He can be reached at

Personal information processed by us

AUPAIR4ALL processes your personal data when you make use of our services and/or when you share your data with us. Below is an overview of the types of personal data we process:

- First and last name

- Gender

- Date of birth

- Place of birth

- Address

- Phone number

- Email address

- Other personal data actively supplied by you, for instance by creating a profile on our website or by sharing information in correspondence/phone calls

- Location

- Bank account number

Special and/or sensitive personal data processed by us

AUPAIR4ALL processes the following special and/or sensitive personal data supplied by you:

- religion and/or other personal beliefs

- health data (only for au pairs)

- criminal history

- Dutch social security number (burgerservicenummer or BSN)

Why and on which grounds we process your personal data:

AUPAIR4ALL may process your personal data for the following reasons:

- To be able to call or email you if required for our services

- To allow you create an account

- To be able to continue providing our services (au pair mediation)

- AUPAIR4ALL also processes personal data because we are legally obliged to. This applies to data which we have to keep on file in order to comply with IND rules for au pair applications (visa/residence permit procedure); this includes information on income.

How long do we keep your personal data?

AUPAIR4ALL only holds on to your personal data for as long as is strictly necessary for the purposes for which your data are collected in the first place. We hold on to your personal data for: 5 years. This is due to the administrative duty conferred upon us by our legal obligation as recognised (au pair) exchange sponsors.

Sharing your personal data with third parties

AUPAIR4ALL does not sell your personal data to third parties. We only share your personal data if it is necessary in order to carry out the au pair agreement, or in order to comply with legal statutes. To ensure the continued security and confidentiality of your personal data, we enter into a processing agreement with any third parties who process your data at our request. AUPAIR4ALL remains responsible for the processing of your data in such instances.

Cookies and similar technologies used by us

AUPAIR4ALL only makes use of technical and functional cookies, as well as analytical cookies that do not breach your privacy. A cookie is a small text file that is saved locally on your computer, tablet or smartphone upon your first visit to our website. The cookies we use are required for our website to function, and enhance your user experience. For example, they ensure the website functions properly by saving your user preferences. We can also use cookies to optimise our website. You can disable cookies by configuring your browser to no longer save cookies. Your browser settings also allow you to delete all saved data.

Viewing, changing or deleting data

You reserve the right to view, correct or delete your personal data. You also reserve the right to revoke data use permissions or to object to the processing of your data by AUPAIR4ALL. Furthermore, you have the right to data transfer, meaning you can request us to transfer data stored by us in the form of a computer file to a third party named by you. If you wish to view, change, delete or transfer your personal data, or to revoke the permission you have given us for processing your data, you may send a request to To verify that the request has been put in by you, we ask you to provide a copy of a valid ID document. To protect your privacy, please cover your picture, MRZ (machine readable zone: the line of number at the bottom of your passport), your passport number and your social security number (Dutch: burgerservicenummer/BSN) in the scan you send to us. We will respond to your request as soon as possible, but within a maximum of four weeks. AUPAIR4ALL also wishes to inform you of the possibility to submit a complaint to the national watchdog agency, the Data Protection Authority (Dutch: Autoriteit Persoongegevens). To do so, visit the following web address:

How do we secure your personal data?

AUPAIR4ALL takes the protection of your personal data seriously and will take any necessary steps to prevent loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorised modification of your data. Our website has a valid security protocol (HTTPS), and all outgoing emails are SSL-encrypted. Our website server is secured and is backed up daily. AUPAIR4ALL also runs professional firewall and antivirus software. The company computer is password-protected, and a daily backup is made of all company data. The office building is fitted with an alarm system and our file cabinet is locked.

If you suspect your data is not being secured properly or if you have evidence of misconduct, please contact us at