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Corona virus


Latest information about Philippine government measures to prevent spreading of the Corona virus:
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This has effect for au pair candidates who are in the province now (outside of Manila). They cannot travel to Manila till 14 April 2020 to depart to the Netherlands, or apply for the visa at the Dutch embassy or attend the CFO seminar. We will inform the concerning au pair candidates and host families. It is not known if the lock down of Manila will be ended or extended after 14 April 2020. We will keep you informed.

Au pair candidates who live in Manila and have to attend the CFO seminar, are not able to do so per 17 March 2020, because all Philippine government offices will be closed till 14 April 2020.

Au pairs who will return to the Philippines have to go in self-quarantaine for 2 weeks. They can return home, but have to meet as less as possible other people.

The Philippine government is still allowing passengers to travel with a flight ticket. New flight tickets cannot be booked anymore at the moment.

IATA flight information:


RIVM guidelines: Au pairs and host families have the duty to follow the measures of the RIVM and may hold each other accountable for this.

From 17-03-2020 the EU has closed his outside borders for travellers. Travellers with a Dutch (Schengen) residence permit are allowed to enter the Netherlands. Filipino au pairs with a valid Dutch (Schengen) visa are still allowed to enter the Netherlands, according to the Dutch border police (Marechaussee). According to the Dutch government visa holders are still allowed to travel to the Netherlands

IND offices are closed till 06 April 2020 for the picking up of residence permit cards.

The GGD health care centre is also closed till 06 April 2020 for undergoing TBC tests.

The Philippine embassy in The Hague is still open. Only vist on appointment.


Emirates has cancelled all flights till 08 April 2020.

China Airlines has cancelled all flights till 07 April 2020.

Updated: 24-03-2020 14.37pm