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Important information

FIRST step: Read all information in our website
Before you even think to register or to apply in our website, please read ALL au pair information at our website very carefully, so that you are aware of the choice you make! When we find out, during the interview with you, that you have no knowledge about being au pair, we will terminate your application directly.

Age limit
Due to the au pair program and our age rules you have to be 18-25 (means not older than 25) years old. Applying is entirely at your own risk. The agency fee is not refundable by any means.
We accept candidates till the age of 25. Please be aware that it is your own risk if we succeed in finding a host family for you in time.

Single and no children
Due to the regulations of AUPAIR4ALL and the Dutch Government, only single women and men can join. If you are married, or have been married, or you have children or reponsible for (foster) children, you cannot apply. Men can only join when they find a host family by themselves.

Where do you live?
We only accept candidates who live on a Philippine Island with an airport, with a direct flight connection to Manila.

Other au pair agencies
If you have already applied for another au pair agency, in the past, and paid agency fee, we cannot accommodate you.

Cash bond
AUPAIR4ALL is not asking you for a cash bond. This is also forbidden by the Dutch Government.

Agency fee
Candidates pay 34 euro agency fee before they can join our Webinar.

Country Familiarization Webinar (CFS) by the CFO (Commission on Filipinos Overseas)
There is no fee for the CFS. The CFS is an obligation of the Philippine government.

Obtain your passport first, before you apply as au pair candidate, because the passport procedure can take two months!

It is compulsory to have a Skype account, because interested families will chat with you via Skype.

Legal stay of one year
An au pair can stay only for one year in the host country. After this year, you have to leave the country before your Residence Permit expiries. We will not allow you to stay illegally. In case of illegally stay, we always will inform the authorities. The result of that will be that you will be traced and will be send back to the Philippines.

Why mediation by AUPAIR4ALL?
We screen all host families and au pairs carefully. We make sure we make the right match, on basis of personalities, circumstances, requirements and expectations, between the au pair and the host family. Respect, understanding, openness, kindness and a healthy dose of curiosity for each other’s culture, language and kitchen will guarantee a pleasant and interesting year for both parties. AUPAIR4ALL will check the wellbeing of all au pairs in a regular basis and protect au pairs against abuse. AUPAIR4ALL will check if au pairs and host families are following the rules. In case of violations we always inform the IND (Dutch immigration and Naturalisation Service).

Updated: 09 March 2023